Right. Okay. So, I'm new... Got here from veryverygay.com. I worship that site.
So, this is a place for ... what? Comedy stuff? Funny stuff? Obnoxious stuff? Random stuff? Or completely f*cked up stuff that really doesn't go anywhere else?? :)
Anyhoo, glad to be here and join the madness...
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BY JIMINY!!!!!!!

You "people", so to speak, have been letting this poor helpless community DIE. And you know what?? HALF THE LINKS ON THE WEBSITE ARE DEAD TOO!! You want to make a grown man cry? WELL GO AHEAD!!!
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The truth comes out

Enough. I can't take it anymore. The lies, the secrecy.

Rhett and I are in love, and I want the whole world to know about it.

All that stuff with me and Karl in Japan? Just a cover-up. And all the stuff with Dom and Elijah was a cover-up, too, so you wouldn't take me and Karl too seriously and start looking for the truth behind it all.

Don't believe me? I'll prove it: At my next public appearance, I will have several buttons on my shirt undone, just like Rhett.
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