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comedysinkhole's Journal

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This is a livejournal community dedicated to the bastard html child of thewilydalilah and leggomylegolas, The Comedy Sinkhole. Here you'll find information on the latest updates of the site (assuming we ever do get off our asses and start updating regularly), and if you care to join you can give us feedback, suggestions, death threats, etc.

Be warned, this community already has some...colorful members. Sadly, we have no control over this. But it may prove fun anyway, especially with that Gandhi guy flying around.
alcohol, alf, aquatic creatures, avenging disco godfather, aztecs, babydaddys, bad books, bad fanfic, bad movies, begging for praise, being annoyed by domlijah, being drunk and lonely, being snotty, bickfords, billy, blabbidyblah, bon jovi, boobies boobies boobies, boots the penguin, cavemen, chang and eng, chatting while drunk, cheese, cheetos, corsets, crab rangoons, crazies, crazy naked mexican boys, cupcakes, d.i.y., dioramas, dolemite, dolemite two, dress-tunneling, drowning hitler, drunken jeggoe, drunken typos, eagle tears, emotional fascism, everwood, evil puppet masters, fabio, falling, fire bad, flying gandhi, gay sex, gayness, gayngels, gonterman, gordon shumway, grog, histrionics, holding grudges, indian food, invasion of privacy, irony, jami-jo fanfic, jeggoe sucks, jenny jones, jeremy northam, jerry springer, joan crawford, joe moakley, knitting, kung-fu movies, leggo dancing, linda lael miller, magic cherry trees, mexican television, mike nelson, misogynist mr. ladies, monkey hats, monkeys, moral ambiguity, mst3k, nancy drew fanfic, ninjas, orlando, otters, pam grier, parrots, pavarotti, penguins, people who hate us, pie, pimping, pirates, poetry, pointy men, poking, pr devils, psychic face power, quoting ourselves, random and diverse, ridiculous rpgs, romance novels, rude jude, rum, sabado gigante, sassy hats, sdj, sean, season two xander, shameless self-promotion, shrinky-dinks, space and the future, stupidity, tacos, talented midgets, telemundo, the borg, the man, three-headed dogs, throwing things on lawns, tinfoil hats, trampolines, trauma, univision, untalented midgets, used bookstores, usher, vaguely autistic children, valley of the dolls, vampires, veryverygay, viggo, viking kittens, vikings, vodka, weee squirrel, where's my cup, white supremicist capitalist patriarchy, whores, wonky eyes, your mother